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Septic FAQs | Environmental Septic Solutions

Septic FAQs

What is an Aerobic System?

OK…That’s our specialty. An aerobic septic system is one that contains a mixer in the tank which will agitate and aspirate the liquid in the tank. This will insert oxygen in the tank which will help keep the live bacteria in the system from dying. Bacteria will flourish and keep eating away at solid matter in the tank to allow for less sludge build up and more grey water in the leach field lines.  Environmental Septic Solution’s is the region’s licensed distributor of the NORWECO advanced aeration Singulair System.

The county turned my property down for a conventional septic system. What do I do?

I think we can help! It sounds like your soil is not suitable. Let’s get a Soil Scientist to your site and classify your soil type. From there we can engineer a system design based on your soil type.

What happens when your land won't perk?

No worries, we can help! Our Singulair Green System is capable in handling any site or soil conditions. It’s the green technology- no pun intended. With the proper design we are able to place our system anywhere on site.

My building site is very steep. What can I expect?

There’s always a solution! The Singulair Green needs to be buried at a minimum depth of 34-1/2 inches and I need 4 inches of fall from inlet to outlet. The Engineering Team will need to design a suitable plan for the intended slop. Typically we can design a solution for slopes exceeding 60%.

Can I use a Singulair System if I have water softener?

Softened water discharged into a Singulair wastewater treatment system does not create an operational problem. However, water softener units are normally built with a filtration backwash system that discharges brine or other chemicals that can create operational problems within a wastewater treatment system. The backwash line from the water softener must be connected downstream of your wastewater treatment system. Contact your local health department or Norweco if you have any questions about this procedure.

The grass behind my septic tank is always very wet and my home drains are running slow. What should I do?

Sounds like your leach field is becoming clogged with organic solids from your home. First have your tank pumped, and then consider using a bacterial product like Norweco’s Bio-Perc tablets to help digest the organics clogging your field. Reduce your water use if possible.

How often should I pump/drain my septic tank?

That’s an easy one. How often pumping is necessary depends on system use. The local Singulair Green dealer will inspect the aeration chamber contents and plant effluent at six month intervals to determine if the pretreatment chamber is discharging excessive solids. Every three years, the pretreatment chamber should be inspected. The pretreatment chamber will normally require pumping at three to five year intervals. Contact us to schedule an inspection.

Should I have concerns about maintenance?

That’s a great question. The answer is yes. By contracting with Engineered Septic Solutions you will be locked into a 2 year service commitment with us. We will service your system every six months (Bi-Annually) to ensure all is operating sufficient. Further, you are able to extend that service and make proactive monitoring upgrades based on your needs.

I think I am sold on your system, but I am located North of you in Ashville, NC. What area do you service?

We got you covered! Singulair Green’s reach covers both North and South Carolina from the mountains of Ashville NC, through the piedmont areas; clear out to the beaches in South Carolina. We can do this…